Planes Without Pilots

MOUNTAIN VIEW, Calif. — Mounting evidence that the co-pilot crashed a Germanwings planeinto a French mountain has prompted a global debate about how to better screen crewmembers for mental illness and how to ensure that no one is left alone in the cockpit. But among many aviation experts, the discussion has taken a different turn. How many human pilots, some … Read More

M.B.A. Programs That Get You Where You Want to Go

With some 13,000 graduate schools of business across the globe, the M.B.A. degree has clearly become a commodity. Even among elite schools, courses and case studies are pretty much water from the same well (i.e., finance, operations, marketing, accounting). So how do you choose? By using the rankings? Which ones? The Economist’s? Businessweek’s? The Financial Times’s? And if you do, … Read More

Samsung Shows Signs of a Turnaround

HONG KONG — After nearly two years of suffering at the hands of upstart rivals and established industry giants, Samsung may finally be on the mend. Its new high-end smartphone, the Galaxy S6, has had strong advance sales. It has replaced Qualcomm as the maker of chips for the iPhone, made by its chief competitor, Apple. And a streamlined slate … Read More