Save Waitrose! Six ways to rescue this endangered British institution

he cut-price supermarket chain Aldi has claimed 5.3% of the UK market, making it the sixth largest in the country, and knocking Waitrose into seventh place. Could the survival of this genteel British institution be at risk? What can ordinary Waitrose customers do to preserve this upmarket food-shopping experience for the nation? Some suggestions: Send a Waitrose Duchy Originals Hamper … Read More

How to cook the perfect chicken korma

The poor old korma would be well justified in seeking revenge on the British palate in this world or the next. A noble dish that once graced the banquet tables of the imperial Mughal court, rich with cream and nuts and heavily scented with expensive spice, has become a byword for bland, a “starter” curry, beloved of children and others … Read More

Keep waking with a bang? Sounds like exploding head syndrome

Name: Exploding head syndrome. Age: First mentioned in 1920, clinically described in 1989. Appearance: WhuAH!? And this is a disease, is it? Well, it’s a syndrome, which is a vaguer term to describe a few symptoms with a tendency to go together. In this case, the rapid disintegration of the skull, cerebrum and associated tissues? Prognosis: mess. Treatment: mop and … Read More

Colour analysis: fashion’s search for the perfect shade

Veronique Henderson is “cool”, “clear” and “light”. She glows in navy and grey, looks great in fuchsia, but in mustard or khaki, she says: “I would look green. Like death.” If anyone should feel confident about the shades that suit her, it is Henderson, managing director of image consultancy Colour Me Beautiful. The book that launched the business, Colour Me … Read More