Amber Rose wears a Kim West latex dress!

5They’ve never been the best of pals but last year Kanye’s ex-girlfriend and his wife really came to blows when Amber Rose started slating Kim Kardashian’s family/her hubby/Kim/her sister Khloe. Now the controversial blonde star has been spotted wearing a dress made by a brand called Kim West. Does that mean Amber’s starting to come around to the idea of Kimmy K? 6

Amber was snapped wearing the khaki latex number, which is genuinely made by a company called Kim West. Her nemesis’ actual married name. We don’t think this is a coincidence, somehow…

Latex dresses are a maje love of Kim Kardashian. The mum-of-one loves nothing more than slipping her bod into a tight, shiny frock. Again, not a coincidence that the Kim West dress Amber was pictured wearing is latex. Hers is matte though; she obvs isn’t a fan of high shine fashion.

Big day for latex, eh? If you fancy stealing Amber’s Kim West style