Hollywood’s great but I miss friendly Wales says Hof’s girlfriend Hayley Roberts

micThe pair fell in love and she and the Hoff, 62, now live together in the Hollywood hills with A-list neighbours such as Stevie Wonder and Justin Bieber.

But life is not entirely a bed of roses, she says. She misses the friendly neighbours she had in the Welsh valleys.

Hayley, 35, from the village of Glynneath, near Port Talbot, said: “It’s really quiet here. I do miss that community feel, I suppose, because when I walk out of the house, there’s no one on the street, just silence.

“In Glynneath, what I liked was that you would wake up in the morning and you hear ‘Hello, Mrs Jones’ or ‘Hello, Mrs Evans’.”

Hayley was working at Debenham’s in Merthyr Tydfil when she met the Hoff and asked for his autograph.

They have been together for four years and plan to marry.

But she will not take his surname because he already has a daughter called Hayley Hasselhoff.

“I would have to be Hayley Roberts- Hasselhoff,” she said.

“I’ve already written it out, HRH, Her Royal Highness, Hayley Roberts-Hasselhoff.”

Hayley reveals in a BBC Wales documentary to be shown on April 27 that despite the age gap they could start a family.

“He’d be an amazing father. His age is old but his fitness, looks and personality are like a 49-year-old’s,” she said.

“Maybe when we’re settled in one place, either LA… or in Wales.”

The Hoff said: “Hayley has definitely changed my life for the better.”