New Smart Drone Breaks $1K Barrier

kSolo’s two computers — one on the craft and one in the controller — have enabled it to make some radical breakthroughs in autonomous flight and camera control, according to 3DR. Built on 1-GHz Cortex A9 ARM chips running Linux, the computers allow operators to preprogram the drone’s flight path so they can concentrate on shooting video or stills from the unmanned aircraft system and not be distracted by piloting tasks.

Solo is the first drone to support full control of GoPro cameras and deliver live-streaming HD video to mobile devices or through its controller’s HDMI port, 3DR said. Video can be delivered to the devices from up to half a mile from the point of takeoff.

“The integration with GoPro is genius, because they’re almost the de facto standard for cameras on these kinds of devices,” said Matt Waite, founder of the Drone Journalism Lab at the University of Nebraska, Lincoln.

“Because of the bang for your buck that you get with GoPros, they’re everywhere,” he told TechNewsWorld. “For a significant number of people buying these devices, they’re not going to need to buy a GoPro because they already have one.”