EXCLUSIVE: Giovanna Fletcher: ‘Mario cried when Buzz started walking’

wCloser speaks exclusively to Giovanna Fletcher about babies, hypnobirthing, breast feeding and how brother Mario Falcone is almost ready to be a dad!

Do you find it tough on the road with Tom and the baby?

Well we’re not very rock and roll, I mean the riders are Nakd bars and different types of tea, and a smoothie maker. It’s never really been very rock and roll anyway. Buzz was three weeks when Tom first went on tour, so it’s something that we’re used to. I think we’re quite relaxed anyway.”

Has Buzz started teething yet?

Yeah. I always said that I would stop beastfeeding when he was six months old or when he got teeth. Both passed and I was still going. We went to Australia for three weeks so I was a bit like I don’t want to have to take over all the bottles, so I just thought I’ll keep going until then. And now we’re home I’m down to one feed.

How did you cope with Buzz on the plane to Australia?

Basically I had a bag of goodies and tricks, but the first flight was from here to Dubai, which was kind of fine because he slept the majority of it. He hated the cot that’s for them; but that was fine…. Once I realised that he didn’t have to sleep in the cot he could sleep on me it was fine, and whenever he’d wake up I’d keep him up for two hours, play with him, give him food and then I’d put him back to sleep again. And actually once we did that the jet lag wasn’t so bad.

How do you guys make sure you have couple time with Tom and keep the spark alive?

We go for walks in the morning when Buzz is asleep, which actually turns in to very creative time. So we have a few laps where we just drink coffee and that’s lovely. But we are going to start doing date nights. We’ve managed one so far which was lovely. We’re going to a friends wedding in July and that’s going to be our first night where Buzz is going to stay over at granny’s

Is that your first night away from him?

I might love it, but we’re not going to get drunk. Well that’s what we’re saying [laughs] Our thing is to just go there and just have a nice night so that we don’t have to wake up in the morning being hungover

Have you experienced a hangover with the baby?

No, no. When you’re breast-feeding they say that you’re allowed a glass straight after because you’ve got three hours before the next feed, but I’m only feeding once a day now anyway. But me and Tom are perfectly happy just sat down, because Buzz goes to sleep at 7, so you’ve got the whole night together anyway, watch a bit of  […] have a bit of chocolate, have a bit of wine, that’s our perfect night right there!

Did you feel any pressure after you had Buzz to get into shape or did you just use that time to enjoy your baby?

I just enjoyed my baby. I remember being asked this question in an interview before I’d even had him, like what have we come to that you’re asking me that before I’ve even met my baby? I’m still a stone heavier than I was before, but to get pregnant I had to cut out caffeine, dairy, gluten, sugar, alcohol… I cut out so much so I was probably the tiniest I’ve ever been, so I’m going to be heavier than I was then anyway, until I cut all that stuff out!

I feel sad that the emphasis is on that and that people feel pressure to do that. I understand that for certain people it’s their job and they have to be in shape, like Kim Kardashian, she got so much abuse the whole way through her pregnancy at a time where she should just be enjoying it. Her body was doing an amazing thing, and that’s a thing I think a lot of women don’t get.

Your body has just the done the most amazing thing it’s ever ever ever going to do; so why punish it? My advice would be to just love your baby.

Do you think you’ll be giving Buzz brothers and sisters soon?

Yeah definitely. I think we’re going to have a lot of children. I reckon we’ll have about three or four. My mum’s one of six and Tom once turned round to me and was like “Shall we have six?” I was a bit shocked, and it was before we’d even had one.

I think now it’ll probably be a bit less, three or four. But I loved having a brother and sister and watching Buzz play with other children is so lovely.

Have you thought about names for the rest of the brood?

We have a long list on our phones! We’ve been talking about it since well before we were married. Because Buzz was on the list.

Three weeks before Buzz was born we were looking through the names and we were like ‘what about Buzz?’. We were down to two before he was born and then on the day we decided ‘Yep he’s a Buzz’.

How was your experience of giving birth?

The day was such a Buzz [ha!], it was ridiculous; it’s the most amazing day of my life. I mean so many people have horrendous birth stories, and I don’t know why but people just want to share their horror stories! But I can honestly say it was the best day of my life. I did hypnobirthing and it was amazing, I know it’s not for everyone, and I think people think it’s a very hippie thing, but it’s not. Your body was made to do that and to be in that calm state – just listen to your body. It was the most empowering thing ever.

Has your brother Mario (Falcone, TOWIE heartthrob) been enjoying being an uncle?

He loves it. It’s really sweet, I sent him a video of when Buzz first started, trying to walk and Mario messaged back saying ‘oh my god that made me cry’. He’s very much involved. He loves coming over and having Mario and Buzz time