Mark Wright and Lauren Goodger bump into each other at the gym – aftermath looks awkward

James Ingham's Jog-On to CancerSo imagine that, then running into your ex who’s about to get married. Awkward? Just a tad…

This is exactly what occurred today in Essex (minus the weird grunting, maybe that’s just us…) with Mark Wright and Lauren Goodger who accidentally bumped into one another at Essex gym yesterday.

The couple – who dated for 10 years – split in 2011 and since then, they’ve tried to avoid each other at all costs.

According to the Mail, Mark turned up with James Argent at around 1:10pm, while Lauren and one of her pals turned up at 1:40pm.

Mark left just over an hour later at 2:30 while Lauren didn’t walk out until 3:10pm.

Outside the gym, Mark looked slightly harassed (AHH EX GIRLFRIEND STRESS) while Lauren covered up with a large pair of sunglasses.