How to Improve Sandy Soil

lifSand on the beach is great, but when it comes to gardening it brings its own problems. Charlie Albone shows you how, with a little bit of TLC, your sandy soil will deliver results and leave your plants and trees to thrive.

Soils are classified according to their particle size – gravel is the coarsest and clay the finest. On the east and west coast of Australia, we have something in between…. sandy soil.

– Sandy soil drains really well – too well in fact. Its lack of organic material means it dries out quickly. And because water is constantly leaching through the soil, it has a low nutrient content – which can lead to poor plant growth.

– But there are some plants that can tolerate these kinds of conditions. Drought resistant succulents are a great choice – such as agave.

– As a rule of thumb, Australian natives can put up with sandy soil – good examples are Acacias, Banksias and Calistaman.

– If you want to grow other things, there are a few steps you can take to improve your soil health.

– Adding compost to your soil boosts nutritional value and water holding capacity – but you have to top it up every year. Here I’m mixing in clay. This adds smaller particles which help slow the passage of water through soil.