Something to smile about? Beaming Stacey Solomon wears beachy waves for morning TV after Cornwall holiday with Steve-O

reShe whisked new boyfriend Steve-O away to the Cornish coast for a beach break this weekend.
And Stacey Solomon couldn’t wipe the satisfied smile off her face on Thursday morning, when she arrived back just in time for an appearance on breakfast television.
The 25-year-old looked stylish in an on-trend camouflage coat, her hair still in beachy, blonde waves from a weekend by the sea.

They were seen looking loved up on Wednesday afternoon, smooching by the sea after she watched him surf in the English sea on a homemade raft.
Back in London on Thursday, Stacey sported a healthy glow from a weekend that was perfectly set off with spring sunshine.

Loved-up Stacey, who met her man on Channel 4 skiing competition The Jump two months ago, was fresh-faced with her ombre locks in natural waves.
She was grinning from ear-to-ear whilst clutching a hot drink, seemingly acting as a boost from a non-stop weekend.
The brunette appeared to have already adopted Steve-O’s hunger for an active lifestyle when she slipped into work out leggings and black, sporty trainers.

She’s also spent the previous day watching him compete in a raft race, which he initiated with the people of Cornwall on Snapchat.

reeThe former X Factor contestant was the ultimate support when she looked on patiently while he constructed, tested and then raced a makeshift boat with Jackass fans in the surf.

The new duo, he an international star and she a British reality TV face, drew quite a crowd with their beach activities and fans swarmed Steve-O in particular for pictures.