Typhoon Maysak: Super storm photographed from space as it batters Micronesia

2A MONSTROUS typhoon has hit Micronesia with such force that astronauts have been able to photograph the storm from space.

The enormity of super Typhoon Maysak, blamed for the deaths of at least four people, was captured by Italian astronaut Samantha Cristoforetti, who shared her incredible photos from the International Space Station overnight.

“It commands respect even from space,” she wrote of the powerful typhoon, which ravaged the cluster of small islands in the Pacific and is now approaching the Philippines.

Paul Stanko of the National Weather Service said Maysak packed winds of 160 kilometres per when it passed north of the Yap State atolls of Ulithi and Fais in the Federated States of Micronesia early on Wednesday. There have been no reports of casualties in Yap.

“When the typhoon passed this morning winds were still strong for people to go out and government officials to conduct assessments,” Andrew Yatilman, director of Yap State Office of Environment and Emergency Management, said by phone

Wilfred Robert, the chief of staff for the Chuuk State governor, and member of the Chuuk Emergency Coordinating Central Committee, said four deaths, a child and three adults, were reported.

Mr Robert said damage was still being assessed by boat in lagoon islands.

The typhoon, which was upgraded to a super typhoon on Tuesday afternoon when it passed Yap, moved into the open sea and is headed toward the Philippines.