She can still manage a pout: Abbey Clancy flaunts HUGE baby bump as she poses for selfie

iuAbbey is expecting her second child with husband Peter Crouch in May and the 29-year-old seems ridiculously excited to welcome the little one into the family.

Keen to fill her followers in on her pregnancy journey, Abbey took to Twitter today to share a snap of herself placing a protective hand over her bump.

She’s been pictured wearing some chic maternity outfits in the weeks leading up to now.

But, the model swapped style for comfort in the new pic, as she teamed a pair of comfortable tracksuit bottoms with a casual grey t-shirt.

She wore her blonde locks loose and wavy, still managing to strike a pose in the mirror despite being ready to literally give birth at any moment.

Abbey shared the pic alongside the caption: “Just over 6 weeks to go and counting.”

Despite the star also posting a photograph claiming that she “wanted a hug” over the weekend, she did admit earlier this year that she gets an easy ride when it comes down to parenthood.

She told Red magazine: “I don’t have to worry about the obvious things like money.”

Life was much harder for her mum Karen, who had to juggle a job as well as four children.

Although both Abbey and her footballer hubby Peter have extremely busy lifestyles, they manage to look after their four-year-old daughter, Sophia, without a nanny.

“We don’t have any help or anything,” Abbey previously said.

“It’s just up to me and Pete to do everything. So when you’re tired and you’re up through the night, you’re thinking, ‘How am I going to do this?’ It’s so hard.