Carry On Kelly: British beauty Brook caught in unfortunate position for One Big Happy

kelThe American sitcom sees Kelly lying on the floor as her yoga instructor helps work out some seriously tough knots in her thighs.

Flashing her famous cleavage, the 35-year-old Brit looks unaware of the situation as she glances over to a friend while the man leans on her leg.

The star looks undoubtably sexy, in a skit that wouldn’t have been out of place in a Carry On movie from the 1960s.

Unfortunately, Kelly’s new US sitcom was hardly met with the best reviews when it previewed in the US last month.

The model took to her Instagram page  to share her opinion on the criticism she received for her new NBC show One Big Happy.

Kelly vowed to continue doing what she’s doing and said it was the viewers’ thoughts that really mattered to her.

She wrote: “There’s a famous saying ‘critics are the ones that know the way, but can’t drive the car’… as much as we need them, and I understand their job is to dissect and analyse, it’s really you people that matter.

That’s why as performers we keep going and do what we do. Despite the years of criticism I’ve had, I never lose sight of that.”

The British babe then added: “May we never stop entertaining or trying. And may the critics continue to encourage us to do better @nbconebighappy won its timeslot last night. You watched and you liked it. Thank you.”

It look like the show will go on for Ms Brook and her team of American co-stars as the One Big Happy production line pumps out more episodes.